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Art in the West in the mid 20th century

Lecture by UCD Art Historian Dr. Roisin Kennedy Venue: Custom House Studios




'Meet the People' Westport 250: A Collection of Portraits

Book launch of an ongoing collection of portraits recording people in Westport

Author: Conor McKeown

Custom House Studios




Conor McKeown

Conor McKeown is a creative professional photographer working and living in Westport.


'Meet the People' Westport 250 - A Collection of Portraits


An ongoing collection of portraits recording the people of Westport.

Motivated by ‘Westport 250’, the photos have been taken throughout this year of 2017 through meeting people on the streets of Westport.


More than just the local ‘Covies' the scope of the collection shows the eclectic mix that makes up what is Westport 2017. The portraits include couples, siblings, individuals, friends and characters working and living in Westport. Predominantly captured in the style of street portraits, the photos show the person or people within their routine, going about commonplace tasks.


The collection displays the habitual everyday palette of this place through the people that make

up its population, forming a unique social document of the town in this commemorative year of 2017.